The Bible is full of paradoxes...apparent contradictions which conceal profound truths about God and how the people of God are meant to live in the city. None more so than in the story of the birth of Jesus Christ and in the person of Jesus Himself. Join us this advent season as we look again in awe and wonder back to the first advent of Jesus, and forward to His second advent, and discover in the midst of paradox the Person and the power central to our faith

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In His High Priestly prayer in John 17, Jesus prayed that His church would be one, that the world would know that the Father sent Him. Unity is key to the advance of the Kingdom - it takes the whole church to reach the whole city. Therefore, as part of the B1 group of churches in Taunton, we are committed to deepening unity, towards the transformation of our community, for the glory of God. Follow our journey as we meet together regularly to explore the oneness God has designed us for in Taunton

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Compassion is the currency of the Kingdom of God, the cry of God over our communities for the people of God to hear and respond to. Join us for Compassion Sunday 2017 as we explore God's heart for the poor, the broken, the stranger, the downcast, the bound and the hungry, and how God is calling each of us at the Vineyard to use our passions and talents to serve our town through compassion

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Many times in the Bible, Jesus called ordinary men and women to follow Him, not least when the resurrected Christ met and restored Peter on a beach at the end of John chapter 21. Peter in turn went on to instruct the church on what it means to be a community that lives out the hope and power of the resurrection in the world today. Journey with us as we explore, from the books of 1 & 2 Peter, what it means to follow the resurrected Christ, and to be a resurrected people, in the city today


At the heart of community transformation in the city are Christian-led, long-term, strategic partnerships across the city, committed to radical and lasting social change. Listen as Debra Green OBE, National Director and Founder of Redeeming Our Communities (ROC), a charity based in Manchester and committed to seeing people of goodwill working together for safer and kinder communities, shares with a range of church leaders from across Taunton Deane

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Often, as the people of God, we can be frustrated with the lack of spiritual renewal and transformation in our lives. Yet the arrival of the gospel of the Kingdom holds out for us a monumental promise of change. Join with us as we journey with Rick and Lulu Williams over our Autumn 2017 Going Deeper weekend and discover the grace that is available to make this life possible


What does the church that transforms the city look like? Join with us as Simon and Rachelle explore some of her characteristics and link them to our key priorities for the coming 2017-18 church year

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C.S Lewis once wrote that 'the Christians who did most for the present world were just those who thought most of the next'. Journey with us as we explore how hope-filled cities need hope-filled people (a people who understand, and gaze upon, the hope-filled realities of heaven) and ask the question 'how should the hope of heaven shape how we live in, and view, the city today?'


As Christians, the Bible teaches us over and over again about the power of celebration and of remembering all that God has done. Join us for Celebration Sunday 2017 as we take a look back at the year that was - 2016-17 - in Taunton Vineyard.

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Something remarkable happens when the power of a greater affection motivates the hearts of the church in the city... when a people, captured afresh by the love and grace of Jesus that drives out all other idols, begin to live for the fame of His name in the city. Join us as we journey with David White over our Summer 2017 Going Deeper weekend and discover again the power for, and source of, effective mission.


The book of Daniel is not just a book of prophecy, dreams, visions and dramatic storylines, but an instruction manual for how we, as Christians, should live in the city. Join with us as we explore how we are to shape the culture of the city without compromising our holy lifestyles.


The Bible clearly shows us God's outrageous heart of grace, mercy and compassion for a confused and desperate world. So, how should this truth cause us to respond as we reflect on our own heart attitudes towards those around us who don't yet know Him? Journey with us through the book of Jonah, as we discover how one man's life, given in obedience to the one true God, can transform one city.


As people we were made for more than just knowing God intellectually, but for experiencing Him intimately. Join with us for our week of prayer as we seek to encounter God afresh, and pray that the church, our town, our nation and our world would too.


Who were the people Jesus met on His 'road of suffering', as He lived out His final days on earth, and what can we learn from them? Journey with us as we explore the wonders of the Easter story from the eyes of its eyewitnesses.

Via Delarosa

Nothing changes a life like an encounter with Jesus! Join us as we explore the people of the book of Mark, how Jesus changed them, and how He can change you too!

Encounters with Jesus

The Christmas message tells us something quite incredible - that Jesus made Himself weak and vulnerable, to welcome us into His family. Join with us as we explore the spectacular truth of the King who came as a Baby, as part of our Christmas Carol Service 2016.


What does the community that Jesus came for, died for, and is coming back for look like? As we countdown to Christmas 2016, come with us as we explore a community fit for a King.

Community Fit for a King

Once again, we celebrate our partnership with Christians Against Poverty on CAP Sunday 2016. Listen as we look back at the impact we've seen though our debt centre, and forward to our CAP plans for this year.


Generosity is the key to transforming community in the church, and the communities around us. But what did Jesus have to say about how we can live radically generous lives? Join us as we discover how to build a generoCITY through generosity.


What is God's good future for Taunton Vineyard Church for the coming year? Listen as Simon and Rachelle share vision for 2016-17. You can download the accompanying 'Impact' booklet here.